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The Trail

Beautiful she may be, the Hut 2 Hut course is, quite simply, a bit of a brute. Over 100km various GPS units will come up with different results, but our instruments recorded in the vicinity of 5300 metres of gain.

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Fundraising for this event isn’t compulsory as by simply participating you are helping us create more awareness and acceptance for Autism which is what Oscars100 is all about. However by raising money for Oscars100, you’re helping us to make a difference for kids living with Autism.

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Who is Oscars100

Oscars100 is an organisation committed to improving the lives of children living with Autism.

Autism is a lifelong neurological disorder characterised by impairments in communication, socialisation, and restricted patterns of interests and behaviours.

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Event Preparation 101

100km is a long way. Add to that over 5600m of climbing and you have an epic event. This being the case train for the event your competing in. Make sure you are committed to a plan and your team is on the whole page. Where possible train together, when you can’t keep a training diary.

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This event is only possible thanks to the army of volunteers who all kindly donate their time so we can make a difference.

There are many roles that we need to fill during the event and here is where we will tell you a little about them.

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