Volunteering at The Hut 2 Hut

This event is only possible thanks to the army of volunteers who all kindly donate their time so we can make a difference.

Below are just some of the roles we need to fill with a awesome volunteers (Or 10. Or 20.).

Should you be interested in any of these, click the link below and you can sign up via our iVolunteer portal.

That's all you need to do!


Or click this link:


PLEASE NOTE: that some roles require specific skills (i.e. 4WDing) and equipment ((i.,e. a 4WD!) and/or require pre-vetting (i.e. the sweeps role we require those wanting to apply to contact us first before filling in the online registration).

Here's an idea of the types of roles available:

Registration Royalty:

This role is one of the first experiences competitors will have at Hut 2 Hut and The Archie event, so it's also one of the most important. Here you will welcome competitors, check off their mandatory gear and provide them will their event packs.

Work at a checkpoint

Checkpoints are where everything happens. These are where competitors are the most excited to humans again as food and drinks are supplied plus a place where they take a load off their feet and enjoy a short rest or tend to any small aches or pains. Some of the roles at a checkpoint are:

The King Pin (Checkpoint Lead):

You are the chief of operations and you’re charged to ensure the checkpoints run as smoothly and safely as possible. You’ll have many competitors coming through your checkpoint and they are your priority. You’ll treat them as if they were your own.

The King Maker (2IC):

You’re the King Pins support and, as history shows, they are only as good as you. You’re number one job is make sure everyone is happy. Some of you, and some competitors, will be out there for long periods of time so this may be harder than you think.

The Do’ers:

You are the ones who get everything done. No job is to big and none to small. With the assistance of the King Pin and the King Maker you’ll work in a variety of areas from coordinating the edibles and liquids, to marshaling the competitors or check the trail is still correctly marked. Aside from tending to the competitors needs as they require you’ll be keeping the checkpoint clean, tidy, well stocked and safe.

Check in Sarge:

These are the grinning face competitors will see as they come in and out of each checkpoint. Every competitor needs to check in and out of the major checkpoint. Your primary focus is to ensure all of the competitors re safe and able to continue. Some of you will also be preforming random gear checks.

The Sherpa:

During this event we will have some very small direction points that will be in remote areas of the course that can’t be driven to. These check points will need to be hiked into and may require an over night stay. If you looking for a little adventure and are happy in your own company this could be the role for you.

There are many roles to fill at each checkpoint so if this is an interest to you let us know.

The Sweeper:

A very important person, or team, but no necessarily the most popular. This position requires you to follow after the competitors collecting course marking and signage as you go. You’ll also be their to make sure as an official time clock to either motivate competitors to get to the next checkpoint before cut off.

Transport and logistics

Due to the natural terrain that will need to be covered we will have a real need for 4WD vehicles.

Logistics Support and 4WD Pro: 

These drivers will be in charge of driving around suppliers to multiple points around the course (and maybe a few mercy runs for injured competitors). While most checkpoints will be accessible by 2WD or SUVs there are some parts that have 4WD access only. Imagine how popular you will be dropping of meals for our volunteers stationed around the course. Everyone is going to be happy to see you.


How can I let you know I’m interested?

Its simple to express your interest for this event. All you need to do is click on this link and enter all of your details. From there the team will be in touch with you to confirm your details and offer you a position.

Will I have training for my role?

We want this event to be a success so we will ensure you have all information you need to help us achieve this.

Can our group volunteer or can I bring a friend if I’m on my own.

Without a doubt. The more volunteers we have the better the event will be and the easier everyone’s role will be. The more the merrier! If you want to volunteer as a group simply go to the above registration link and enter everyone's details.

What will I need to bring to my shift?

  • Mobile phone. A 4G mobile phone is required and we recommend your service provider is Telstra. As we are in the Alpine region there are some black spots. (Event organisers will take appropriate precautions for these areas to ensure communication is possible)
  • Multi-layer of clothing. The event is being help in peak Summer but it is in the Alpine region so weather conditions can change quickly. Make sure you have warm clothing available and best if you have a few layers. You can always take it off if its hot
  • What about gear other than clothes. Being that its summer you’ll need sunscreen, sun hat, umbrella, raincoat, bug spray and a raincoat. We recommend a durable pair of trail shoes as well. Plus you may be camping out so camping equipment, food, hydration liquid and the all important toilet paper are vital.
  • Personal supplies. If you have a favourite food or snack, bring it. If you have a favourite book, bring it (at some checkpoints there could be some downtime). Don’t forget a torch if you camping overnight, which if you are you’ll need a tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag and pillow. Please bring what will make you feel comfortable.

What happens if I cannot attend my shift?

This happens so please don’t feel you can’t tell us. If for any reason you can help out during your allocated shift please notify us ASAP. The earlier you can tell us the better positioned we will be to cover your shift.

What communications will I get in the lead up to the event?

Once the volunteers roles have been filled we will begin communicating with all volunteers on a weekly basis. Volunteers will also be asked to sign up to a closed FB Group for all Oscars 100 volunteers.

What about accommodation?

Due to the sheer number of volunteers required for an event like Oscars 100 / The Archie - it is not possible to host all volunteers (due to the cost!). We ask that all volunteers organise own accommodation, either on mountain, or camping off mountain (on course / Mirimbah). We can help you find accommodation if needed, at your own cost - we ask that you consider it part of the donation to the cause along with your time and effort and we thank you in advance.