So you've enteredThe Archie, you've got the general gist of how things will go down come event weekend from the website, but you're keen to get the real nitty gritty on how the event works, what you need to know, and what you need to organise prior to the event. After all, an event like The Archie is not your average turn-up, take it on, go home kinda event. It's a commitment, it's a journey from the time you sign on, and it's here to change your outlook on life. Or at least, get you excited about life in the wild!

So, DOWNLOAD the booklet we have prepared. Just as importantly, READ IT!

That bit is mandatory. The reading. Trust us, if you don't read it you won't even make the start line. And you definitely won't make the finish. This is a BIG course and a BIG challenge ahead, make no mistake. This is no ordinary 55km, it's a massive 55km. Throw in 2300+m of ascent, remoteness, rough terrain, self sufficiency... and you have a few hurdles to get through and around and over (and down and up). Best be prepared.

AVENZA MAPS - mapping App for The Archie

NOTE: one of the mandatories listed in the event handbook is the use of Avenza Maps App on a smartphone, and the downloading of the official Archie topographical map with course on it. More information on the COURSE & NAVIGATION PAGE, but repeated below. It's important.


Once set up, the app works WITHOUT mobile reception, locating you on a 1:50,000 topo map. You need to download the App onto your smartphone, then download the full high-res course map into the App.

Download the instructions as a PDF from the
relevant link - print out if you need to:

As per instructions in PDFs above, you will need to copy and paste this link below (long press on top of the link & select “copy”) to load the map into your Avenza App: