Today is the day you’ve been training for so we want things to go as smoothly as possible. To help you do this we suggest you follow these simple points:




Be early. The earlier you can get registered and get your mandatory gear checked the sooner you’ll be able to relax and get into event mode. No one wants to hit the start line feeling rushed.


Practice Makes Perfect


Today is NOT the day to be trying something new. You will have trained for this event and tested out race strategies, nutrition and hydration. Stick to what worked.


Break the Event into Chunks


100km is a long was in anyone’s books. At times during this event it may seem to far. If this happens break the race up into smaller, more manageable chunks. Focus on the next checkpoint or the next 10kms or the next time you’ll reward yourself with a break or a snack.


Don’t forget to fuel your body


This one is important and you and your team need to be aware of how’s eating what and when your taking in fluids. You will have practiced eating and drinking during training so you’ll be prepared. And remember is just as important to not consume to much as it is to not consume enough.


Its Victoria so the Weather Could Do Anything.


The message here is be prepared. While this event is in Summer it could be very hot OR cold and wet. As we will be in the high plains one minute you could be enjoying the sun while the next your shivering with cold. You’ll have your mandatory gear with you at all times to help you avoid getting caught out. Don’t forget to have back up gear with your support crew, they are there to help.


You’re a Team so Set a Pace You Can All Keep


You want to finish Hut 2 Hut and you want to finish as a team so remember to set out a pace you can all manage for the entire way. Sometimes taking it a little slower than you’d planned will really help when the going gets tough.


Keep the Phone Handy


You’ll be carrying a phone with you at all time (we suggest a phone with Telstra 4G service) so we encourage you to use it. Keep you crew or race officials update with your progress. Remember that we will be in Victorias remote Alpine areas during the event so there will be some black spots so its important that you update your crew when you can.


Write Down Your Race Plan


Having a race written race plan is a great benefit for you and your support crew. This will map out your estimated time to travel the course and will let them know when to expect you at certain check points. If find yourself ahead or behind your race plan you can phone or message on course to update them on your progress. It’s also a great way to plan what your going to need at certain check points. It could be extra batteries or a spare torch at night points or extra food or clothes at a day point. PLAN PLAN AND PLAN.

Take it Easy Out There


We want all of you to finish this event in the cut off times so remember that taking a rest when you need it is very important. If your feeling tired or fatigued take a short break to help you revive yourself.