Race Check In

Race Check-In for the Oscars100 Hut 2 Hut will be open at Mt Buller Village from 12.00pm on Thursday 15th February. Friday race check in will by appointment only before the race and you must have race organiser approval for this.

At the check in of the race you will collect your event pack which will include:

- Your race number

- Any equipment provided by the event organisers (emergency PLB, SPOT tracker etc)

- Oscars100 Hut 2 Hut event map (paper / plastic cover. We recommend organising own full topo map. See Navigation page.

- Course Description

- Emergency Instructions

- Event Tee

Before you can register you need to have your mandatory gear signed off. Gear checks will be available from

12.00pm at Mt Buller Village a the same time and place as event registration. Please ensure you have ALL mandatory gear as you won;t be able to compete without it. For details on mandatory gear please go here.

Mandatory gear list