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Welcome to the official Oscars100 Hut2Hut Hikers Training Program. Hut2Hut is a highly demanding challenge but it is far from insurmountable. With some good preparation and
conditioning it is definitely achievable.

Key Assumptions

Before starting this program you should already have a moderate level of fitness and have been actively, consistently training at least 3 days per week for the last 8 weeks. Your training
should already include some strenuous and physically demanding activity.
You should seek the advice of your GP and have been cleared to commence a strenuous exercise program. Please, if you have any concerns whatsoever about your health, see your
doctor before beginning this program.

Perceived Effort and Zones

This program is based on perceived effort zones. This isn’t rocket science and there’s no point overthinking it: the zones are called Easy, Moderate and Hard. In a perfect world you’d
have a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), a device that provides a live feed of your current Heart Rate measured in Beats Per Minute (BPM). HRMs enable you to maximise the benefits of
training without overdoing it as too much is generally worse than too little. While using a HRM is the gold standard, I’m operating on the assumption most people won’t rush out and
buy one or are loathe to use the ones they already have. If you don't have a HRM just go by the cues associated with each zone and trust me, it sounds far more complicated than it is.


Hut2Hut follows a very difficult route through the Victorian Alps. The terrain underfoot is loose, rocky and constantly changing. You will spend very little time on formed roads or fire
trails and lots of time off them. Ensure you mix in training time on this sort of terrain. You will find this terrain as challenging mentally as it is physically and the focus required to
maintain attention can be very draining.

If you can’t get onto the course itself, find something similar. Around Melbourne you might head to the Dandenongs, Lerdergerg Gorge or Mount Macedon. Around Sydney your best
bet would be some of the more challenging sections of the Blue Mountains, such as Lockley’s Pylon or Mount Solitary. If you’re looking for inspiration, jump onto Facebook or online
forums and look for people hiking the Kokoda or Everest Basecamp. Often the hikes that people recommend as training for those adventures will make great training grounds for
Hut2Hut participants.

Most importantly, please ensure you go prepared and weight safety and responsible action above all else. While the gear requirements of Hut2Hut are a great starting point, be mindful
of the fact that when training alone or in a small group you will not have the safety net that an event provides. Tell someone where you’re going, underestimate your abilities and have a
backup plan.

Have fun and enjoy the journey!

Tegyn Angel, Director, PREY Defiant.

0402 681 017

PS......... Insurance. We can’t recommend enough that you review your insurance before you come out.  This is the wilderness event and things can happen. You are strongly advised to take out insurance to cover injury or death, and any damage to personal property.